New Immigrants Doing Very Well Working in Canada

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“Canada has always been a land of opportunities for immigrants. Although it used to be a bit more difficult for new immigrants before they settle in, get a job, or even start flourishing, that has not been the case in recent years,” Canadian Visa Expert reported. The boom in Canada’s labor market has recently afforded […]

New record in Canada’s population since 1957

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In the last year, the number of residents in Canada reached a record of 39.6 million. One of the main factors that contributed to this is the issue of immigration and the great effort of the Canadian government to absorb more immigrants. Immigrants affected by the earthquake in Turkey and the war between Russia and […]

Tips to Help Immigrants Thrive Financially Living in Canada

Tips to Help Immigrants

Newcomers in Canada often face financial challenges upon their initial arrival. A language barrier can also worsen this situation. This is because a language barrier can affect an immigrant’s Canadian job search. Canadian Visa Expert notes that new immigrants should try to build their financial literacy. With this step, newcomers can avoid financial hardship upon […]

Canada Seeks 500,000 New Immigrants in 2025

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The federal government of Canada is set to increase the number of immigrants entering the country. The country’s plan aims to bring in 500,000 people in 2025. According to the Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, the new move is to ensure Canada’s economic prosperity. The emphasis of the new plan is to increase the admission […]

Skilled Immigrants and Refugees Welcomed to Canada

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Canada continues to be an accommodating country for immigrants from across the world. Canada is trying everything possible to showcase its welcome to immigrants. One of the ways of showing their accommodation is the use of the word “newcomer.” The federal and regional governments, with companies and private support groups, use the word as a […]

Canadian Visa Expert – High Employment Rate for Immigrants Living in Canada

During 2016-2017, the majority of Canadian employment growth was due to immigrants ranging from 25-54 years of age and Canadian-born employees ages 55 and over. In 2017, the core working-age newcomer employment rate increased to 78.9 percent, which is the highest since Statistics Canada started reporting immigration employment rates.

Immigrants Hold More and More Jobs in Canada

The Canadian government released a report in June 2016 saying that immigrants now hold 25% of all jobs in Canada. Canadian Visa Expert helps hundreds of immigrants each year with their paperwork for their Canadian visas.