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Canada Seeks 500,000 New Immigrants in 2025

The federal government of Canada is set to increase the number of immigrants entering the country. The country’s plan aims to bring in 500,000 people in 2025. According to the Canadian Immigration Minister, Sean Fraser, the new move is to ensure Canada’s economic prosperity.

The emphasis of the new plan is to increase the admission of immigrants based on their work skills or experience over the next three years. As a result, Canadian Visa Expert advised that skilled immigrants should make Canada their top priority country for immigration.

Saskatchewan's Goal for Population Growth by 2030

In recent times, Saskatchewan has signalled its desire for greater autonomy from Ottawa over Canadian immigration. This plan will help this region achieve its goal of increasing its population to 1.4 million by 2030.

 No doubt, Saskatchewan is making progress with its population growth plan. It was a joyful ceremony in November 2022 as 306 people from 53 countries became Canadian citizens at TCU Place in Saskatoon.

The people were welcomed to the Canadian family by citizenship judge Suzanne Carrière. According to Canadian Visa Expert, Carrière stated that they have immigrated to Canada for various reasons. Some of the reasons were war, better opportunities and instability.

One of the Many Happy New Citizens at the Citizenship Ceremony

According to reports, Angelina Shabani, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was one of the new Canadian citizens at the ceremony in Saskatoon held in November. Shabani stated that citizens of Canada have the right to do many things. With joy, she said she looks forward to helping the community like before as a health care aide in Regina.