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Skilled Immigrants and Refugees Welcomed to Canada

Canada continues to be an accommodating country for immigrants from across the world. Canada is trying everything possible to showcase its welcome to immigrants. One of the ways of showing their accommodation is the use of the word “newcomer.” The federal and regional governments, with companies and private support groups, use the word as a more inclusive term. 

Canadian Visa Expert added that the word “newcomer” avoids the stigma that is sometimes attributed to words like “refugee” and “immigrant.” With this feature, people who hope to migrate from their country can rest assured of a place open to diversity when they move to Canada.

The Adoption of the Welcoming Word Across Canada

All across Canada, the word “newcomer” has gained significant adoption by people moving into the country newly from other parts of the world. One of the places where the term is used is the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. A page on the website is titled “Newcomer Services.”

Another private employment service termed the “largest network of new Canadians in the country” goes by Newcomers Canada. The agency serves as a place where newcomers and employers map their routes ahead.

Based on these instances, Canadian Visa Expert concluded that Canada is a home away from home for people from all walks of life.

Some Other Webpages which Use the Word

Some other webpages that use the word “newcomers” for new Canadians are the ones for provincial governments like New Brunswick and Ontario. Also, the Royal Bank of Canada has a webpage titled “Newcomers to Canada.” All of these show the country to be welcoming to people from across the world.

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