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Immigrants Are Crucial for Filling Jobs in Canada

Canada is in need of a sizable workforce to maintain its economic activity and bolster tax revenues to pay for necessary social spending, such as the rising cost of health care.

The country’s yearly immigrant allowance is on target to rise to 350,000 by 2021, 50,000 over today’s number, and 100,000 more than the last ten years. The increase is to cover the impact of retiring baby boomers.

Those 65 or over are predicted to account for one-fourth of the population, which is 17 percent higher than today. The birth rate has dipped to a low of 1.5 births per woman and is not expected to rise.

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Canada’s Conference Board said, “Immigration, however, will be among the most formative policy measures to grow the Canadian labor force and economy.”

The board suggested that the nation raise the Canadian immigration rate to equal one percent of the population by 2030, which is an increase of 0.8 percent from today.

The newcomers would add 5.3 million employees to the workforce and a third of the economic growth rate up to 2040. Canadian Visa Expert has a goal to help everyone that wants to live and work in Canada to receive the needed visa. Contact them today!