Employers Filled 35,000 Jobs in Canada During March

Canadian Visa Expert - Jobs in Canada During March

In spite of the current population growth in Canada, the country’s economy added 35,000 jobs in March 2023. Due to this, the unemployment rate in Canada has kept steady near record lows.  Statistics Canada’s latest labor force survey shows the unemployment rate is at 5%. The recent report made it the fourth consecutive month that […]

Canada’s Services Industry Produced a Net 124,700 Jobs

Canadian Visa Expert - Canada's Services Industry

In January 2023, the economy of Canada acquired a net 150,000 jobs. According to Statistics Canada, the job gain is mostly in full-time work, and it exceeds analyst forecasts. On the other hand, the jobless rate remains at 5.0%, contradicting estimates that it would rise to 5.1%. From reports, the services sector in Canada recorded […]

Canadian Workers Plan to Seek New Jobs in 2023

New job in Canada

In 2023, half of Canadian workers will be on the lookout for a new job. This statement is according to a recent poll by Robert Half, a recruitment firm. This speculated record high Canadian job-seeker rate is almost twice the record level set in 2022. Canadian Visa Expert reported that based on this this survey, […]

Over One Million Jobs in Canada Remain Unfilled

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Over One Million Jobs in Canada Remain Unfilled Job vacancies, which is an economic indicator, continue to rise in Canada. As of May 2022, Statistics Canada reported that over one million job openings are available in the country. According to the Bank of Canada, these unfilled positions signify the term “excess demand”. As a result […]

Recent Data Shows Over One Million Canadian Job Openings

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Vacancies have increased in Canada in recent times. This increase in job openings is not just in one sector but across various industries. Vacant positions are said to have risen by one-third in the retail, food services, and accommodation industries. According to Canadian Visa Expert, there has also been a significant increase in job openings […]

Video: Let’s talk about Jobs in Canada!

Do you know why about 300K people from around the world apply for a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada annually? The answer is simple – there are simply enough jobs in Canada. The following video provides information on the Canadian labor market and the Government of Canada’s policy on the issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUf3YlRvdBcIt’s time to note […]