New job in Canada

Canadian Workers Plan to Seek New Jobs in 2023

In 2023, half of Canadian workers will be on the lookout for a new job. This statement is according to a recent poll by Robert Half, a recruitment firm. This speculated record high Canadian job-seeker rate is almost twice the record level set in 2022.

Canadian Visa Expert reported that based on this this survey, about 50% of respondents signified their plans to search for a new job in Canada during the next six months

The number of Canadian workers searching for new jobs has increased steadily in the past one and a half-years. According to reports, about 21% of workers looking for a new job in Canada during June 2021 rose to 28% and 31% from a year ago and six months ago, respectively.

The survey also found that nearly three in 10 professionals would consider quitting their job in Canada to secure a full-time contracting job.

Employers Responsibility – Refined Hiring Processes

Despite the news of layoffs and a hiring slowdown in Canada, workers still have confidence in the Canadian job market. David King, the senior managing director of Robert Half for Canada and South America, stated this.

He added that professionals with in-demand skills are aware of the advantage they have. This leverage is due to a talent shortage in the country, said Canadian Visa Expert. Another factor for this advantage is opportunities for more fulfilling and beneficial work in Canada.

King concluded that employers that want to hire top talent this year should improve and streamline their hiring processes. They should also showcase their company culture.

Canadian Workers Likely to Search for New Job

From reports, most workers who will search for new jobs in 2023 have been with an organization for two to four years. Other employees likely to make a career move are Gen Z, millennials, working parents and tech workers.