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New Immigrants Doing Very Well Working in Canada

“Canada has always been a land of opportunities for immigrants. Although it used to be a bit more difficult for new immigrants before they settle in, get a job, or even start flourishing, that has not been the case in recent years,” Canadian Visa Expert reported.

The boom in Canada’s labor market has recently afforded new immigrants plenty of opportunities to get jobs when they land in Canada. More than 70% of immigrants who arrived in Canada during the past five years have found Canadian employment against the usual 50-60% in earlier years.

Why are new immigrants doing so well in Canada?

Canadian Visa Expert reported that the current immigration processes of Canada have been favorable to new immigrants as opposed to what it used to be pre-2018.

“In the past few years, new immigrants started doing well in Canada due to the two-step immigration process employed by the Canadian government. This immigration process allowed a larger share of former temporary residents to become permanent residents,” said Feng Hou.

Mr. Hou continued by saying that about 50% of adult economic immigrants in 2018 had previous earnings in Canada compared to the meager number of 8% in 2000. 

Canadian Visa Expert suggests that potential immigrants who were initially chosen had jobs in the past that made them create long-term labor market outcomes. For example, many international students work in Canada during and after their studies, which places them in a stronger position to seek Canadian employment in the future once they become permanent residents of Canada.

Real-life experience from an immigrant who is doing well in Canada

Sandeep Kaur completed her master’s degree in 2019 from the University of Alberta. She got her permanent residency in Canada just a year after. 

Sandeep now works at Ciena Corp in Ottawa and has also become a homeowner in Canada.

“Sandeep Kaur came to Canada as an international student. Becoming a homeowner in Canada within just a few years of landing in Canada is another level of achievement,” concluded a thought leader from Canadian Visa Expert.