Education and Work Options for New Canadian Citizens

When people immigrate to Canada and become permanent residents, they enjoy many great benefits, including the option to apply for Canadian citizenship.

workspace-desk-from-above-picjumbo-comCanadian Visa Expert works with ICCRC-registered immigration consultants to guide clients during the Canadian immigration procedure. Here are some of the education and work options for new Canadian citizens that you might find interesting.

As a citizen of Canada, you have access to the excellent Canadian educational system. Children of Canadian citizens get free public primary and secondary school education, although many choose to send their children to private schools where they pay tuition.

Adults who are citizens of Canada have the opportunity to attend vocational schools, colleges or universities in Canada and must pay tuition, although there may be scholarships, grants or low interest student loans available to Canadian citizens who qualify.

At vocational/trade schools, Canadian citizens can learn a trade in programs that can last about 6-24 months.

Examples of the skills and/or jobs in Canada that immigrants can train for at trade/vocational schools include: animation, cabinetmaking, culinary arts, database administrator, dental assistant, fashion designer, graphic design, hospitality management, HVAC technician, interior design, medical office assistant, network administrator, paralegal, plumber, paramedic, solar energy technician, videogame design and programming, web design, and welder.

people-office-group-teamThe Canadian Visa Expert team helps thousands of people around the globe explore their options to immigrate to Canada.
Citizens of Canada who want to earn a degree or learn a profession have many colleges and universities to choose from.

Several Canadian universities are ranked among the world’s top 100 institutions of higher education each year, such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill University.

The academic majors available at Canadian colleges and universities are as diverse as Canada’s multicultural society.
There are also many work options for new Canadian citizens.

With much of the Canadian population retiring, there is a growing demand for foreign workers to fill thousands of jobs in Canada in a range of occupations, including skilled trades and professions that require a university degree.

Canadian Visa Expert has received inquiries from many skilled foreign workers who want to immigrate to Canada to seek employment there.

Furthermore, new Canadian citizens have the option to start businesses and many new jobs in Canada have been created by these immigrant entrepreneurs. So, if you want to immigrate to Canada for better options in life, contact Canadian Visa Expert today!