Economy Created 317,000 Jobs in Canada During Past Year

The country of Canada had an amazing increase of 77,000 jobs in May 2017. Of that, 55,000 were full-time, and 22,000 were part-time jobs.

Statistics Canada reported that the majority of these new jobs were within the public employment sector. Public employees and those who are self-employed did not show much increase.

shutterstock_110500415These new statistics bring the totals up to 317,000 new jobs in the past year! You can contact Canadian Visa Expert, a private immigration service, to see if you are eligible to apply to work in Canada.

These new figures show the best yearly totals since 2013 per information from Brian DePratto, TD Bank economist. Although more than 78,000 people entered the job market in May 2017, the unemployment rate still increased to 6.6% even with the new jobs.

However, DePratto said that even with this elevated unemployment rate, it is a good sign. It shows that there are more people who are looking for jobs and wanting to enter the job market.

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Within the manufacturing industry, 25,000 jobs were added, and this is the highest number since 2002. In the healthcare industry, 15,000 jobs were added, while the culture, recreation, and information sectors lost that same amount.

logo_CANDAThe insurance, real estate, and finance industries lost 17,000 jobs. The majority of the new jobs came from the three provinces of British Columbia, Quebec, and Ontario with a total of 47,000 jobs.

Other provinces also saw an increase in employment, but these three had the majority. You can contact Canadian Visa Expert for more information on living in Canada and finding work opportunities there.