Immigrants in Alberta Become Canadian Citizens

In Canada, the yearly celebration of Canada Day is more than just about the history of Canada; it’s also about the future of the country. At Heritage Park, a citizenship ceremony recently celebrated over 105 new Canadians welcomed to the nation.

Canadian Visa Expert is an immigration firm that helps foreign nationals with the immigration process to get moved to Canada. Of the 105 new immigrants, here are five stories that explain the impact of becoming a new citizen of Canada.

lake-2520641_640Iranian Immigrant

Moving to Canada nearly six years ago, Mohammadhossein Bashiri Majd had dreamed about living in Canada for many years. After moving to Canada, he felt welcomed and for the first time in his life, he believed that he could be anything he wanted to be. He described it as feeling “limitless.”

Syrian Immigrant

After receiving her Canadian citizenship, Hanadi Moussa was beyond happy. She moved to Canada in 2011, and she has found a sense of safety after living with uncertainty in her home country.

Nigerian Immigrant

Evelyn Osemwegie received her Canadian citizenship after living in Canada for five years. She lives there with her entire family, and she said that when she received her Canadian citizenship, she felt blessed and graced.

German Immigrants

The Kniebel family moved to Canada from Germany about eleven years ago, and they call themselves citizens among “the most friendly people” in the world.

logo_CANDAPhilippine Immigrant

Aime Leysa became a citizen of Canada, and she has been amazed at how polite and kind people are in Canada. She appreciates the respect she feels there, and she is happy to officially be a Canadian.

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