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Canadian Workers Earn Higher Incomes in Ottawa-Gatineau

Ottawa-Gatineau remains the highest median income metropolitan area in Canada. Canadian Visa Expert could establish that Ottawa-Gatineau has been the highest-paying metro area even before the COVID-19 pandemic and it widened its lead above others during and post-pandemic.

According to a report published by the Fraser Institute, Ottawa-Gatineau topped the list of metropolitan areas with highest annual median income with $45,500. This report compared 2019 Canadian employment income in 41 census regions, representing Canada’s major cities and their suburbs.

Canadian Visa Expert explains: 

“The recorded annual median income in Ottawa-Gatineau means about 50% of those living in the region earned more than $45,500 in 2019, while the other half earned less.”

Why Do Workers Earn Higher Incomes in Ottawa-Gatineau than in Other Locations?

Firstly, capital cities generally rank high in median incomes. More so, Ottawa-Gatineau represents the national capital metro area where the local public sector workforce dominates.

Another reason is that most public sector jobs are highly-compensated, and that plays a significant role in placing Ottawa at the top.

The region houses highly-skilled workers like statisticians, engineers, doctors, and lawyers who work for the public sector. 

Canadian Visa Expert suggests that these workers shoulder high-end responsibilities coupled with their sophisticated technical skills, making them worthy of high incomes.  

Impact of the Public Sector on the Annual Median Income in Ottawa-Gatineau

You should be aware that the public sector drives the local economies of provincial regions and national capitals. It is, therefore, understandable why Canadian workers earn higher incomes in Ottawa-Gatineau.