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Canadian Province of Ontario Seeks More Foreign Workers

Ontario has been making huge efforts to double its economic immigrants for some time now. This plan is in place to help solve the critical labor shortage in the province.

Canadian Visa Expert reported that the plan is to increase the province’s annual intake of economic immigrants to 18,000 by 2025. This historic increase will hopefully help to fill the vacant jobs in Ontario.

Vacant jobs in technology, health care, and skilled trade are of utmost importance.

The annual immigration levels plan for Canada in 2023 is said to be the most ambitious in the country’s history. This statement is according to Sean Fraser, the Federal Immigration Minister in Canada.

The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Ontario will hopefully double the number of economic immigrants it welcomes using the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

In 2021, the province was allowed to welcome 9,000 people under the program, Canadian Visa Expert reported. Monte McNaughton, Ontario’s Labour and Immigration Minister, then called for doubling that number in the same year.

The new agreement with the federal government seeks to ensure that Ontario moves from welcoming 9,750 immigrants under the program in 2022 to bringing in 16,500 in 2023. 

The program seeks to welcome over 17,000 immigrants and over 18,000 newcomers in 2024 and 2025, respectively.

The Need for More Foreign Workers in Canada

According to Canadian Visa Expert, Canada seeks to attract more foreign workers for some crucial reasons. One of the reasons is to address the country’s labor shortage. Sean Fraser has stated that the attraction of foreign talent will position Canada for success in the long term.