Canada’s Immigration Minister Looking to Issue More Canadian Visas

Immigration Minister John McCallum wants Canada to significantly raise immigration above the current level as a way to meet the need of the country’s job market. Pointing out aging population along with severe job shortages, McCallum stated his idea during a speech to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. “So why not substantially increase the number of immigrants coming to Canada? And that is, I think, I hope, what we are about to do,” McCallum said.

McCallum went to Beijing trying to open more offices for the Chinese to apply for visas. This is in hopes of drawing more high-skilled workers to Canada. Canadian

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The Trudeau administration is looking to welcome between 280,000 and 305,000 new immigrants, which is a record increase from the previous government. The previous Conservative government started the express entry system and promised dramatic change to the immigration policy. McCallum wants to ease some of the current rules to make it much easier for international students to learn and become permanent residents of Canada.

Also in a review is the Labour Market Impact Assessment. By doing away with this foreign nationals have a much better chance of finding work in Canada. Canadian Visa Expert has an excellent experienced legal team that can help get your Visa application approved. Contact them today!