Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Awards


The Royal Bank of Canada Top 25 Immigrant Awards not only recognize but celebrates the inspirational stories of Canadian immigrants who have been integral in making Canada a prosperous country. Over 200,000 Canadians, over the past eight years, have participated by voting on their favorite immigrant. Winners have depicted sectors from across the nation including entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, academics, sports heroes, community volunteers, inventors, and philanthropists. Would you like to live in a country where immigrants are making a difference and celebrated? Contact Canadian Visa Expert for more information on making the dream a reality.



The reasons, timing, and circumstances for these newcomers coming to Canada are varied. Some wanted higher education; some left war and strife; some came as young children with their parents; others came looking for a better opportunity in life. No matter the reason, there was a common thread shared by all. A person rose to the challenge and took the opportunity to make Canada a better country for all. One of the immigrants recognized was India born Harjit Sajjan. He and his family were approved for immigration at the age of five years old. He joined the Canadian military and was appointed in 2015 as Canada’s Minister of Defense. The stories of successful immigrants seem endless. Canada welcomes immigrants with open arms. Canadian Visa Expert is a team of experts ready to assist you in the immigration process and help every step to go smoothly.

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  • Over 200,000 canadians have participated by voting on their favorite immigrant.
  • The winners come from many sectors.
  • One of the immigrants recognized is Harjit Sajjan, who was born in India and appointed in 2015 as Canada’s Minister of Defense.