The Top Places to Live in Canada for 2017

Maclean’s is a national current affairs magazine in Canada that provides weekly content to enlighten, engage, and entertain over two million readers in the areas of international affairs, social issues, national politics, business, and culture. Recently, Maclean’s shared its latest report on “Canada’s Best Places to Live in 2017.”

Canadian Visa Expert is a private immigration service that works hard to provide help to foreign nationals who want to move to Canada to start a new life. Maclean’s assessment of Canadian cities and towns was based on these factors: robust economy, high wealth and incomes, home affordability, low taxes, transit friendly, health accessibility, low crime, arts and community, and nice weather.

Canadian Visa Expert has helped many people from various countries get moved to Canada. Here are the results of the top five cities in Maclean’s report:

#1 – The city that ranked the highest for all categories is Ottawa, Ontario. The highest ranking categories for Ottawa were transit friendly, health accessibility, and high wealth and incomes. Ottawa has a population of 974,701 and a median household income of $91,122.

#2 – In second place for overall strength in all categories is Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, Quebec. The high categories for this city were health accessibility, high wealth and incomes, and economy. The population of Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures is 19,468 and the median income for households is $114,567.

#3 – In third place for being a top city to live is Oak Bay, British Columbia, with highest ranking categories in health accessibility, arts and community, and transit friendly. Oak Bay’s population is 18,373 and the median household income is $94,610.

#4 – The fourth top city to live in Canada for 2017 is North Saanich, British Columbia. The best categories for North Saanich are low crime, high wealth and incomes, and nice weather. North Saanich has a population of 11,774 and $103,937 is the median household income.

#5 – Coming in as the fifth top city in Canada is Weyburn, Saskatchewan. High wealth and incomes, transit friendly, and home affordability were the highest ranking categories for Weyburn. The population of Weyburn is 11,495 and the median household income is $79,076.

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