Canadian Visa Expert – High Employment Rate for Immigrants Living in Canada

During 2016-2017, the majority of Canadian employment growth was due to immigrants ranging from 25-54 years of age and Canadian-born employees ages 55 and over. In 2017, the core working-age newcomer employment rate increased to 78.9 percent, which is the highest since Statistics Canada started reporting immigration employment rates.

Unemployment Rate in Canada Drops to Lowest Level in 40 Years

A new report by Statistics Canada showed that over 11,000 jobs were created in October 2018 and the unemployment rate dropped to 5.8 percent for the first time in two months. The jobless rate is now at the lowest it has been in 40 years. Analysts had only forecast an increase of 10,000 Canadian jobs […]

High-Tech Workers Needed for New Jobs in Toronto

Eight hundred new highly-skilled technology jobs will be coming to Toronto by 2020, as a part of a network of ten hubs across North America. It will also be expanding its apprenticeship program. Accenture Place, which currently has close to 5,000 employees, is creating an innovation hub in the area. Accenture is only one firm […]