Immigrants Believe in the “Canadian Dream”

In October of 2015, a Harris poll was conducted among 2,766 adults who live in Canada. Through the results of this poll, it was discovered that many people still believe in the “Canadian Dream.”

The survey showed that 86% of residents of Canada believe that it’s possible to live a life in Canada where one has a good-paying and enjoyable job, where people enjoy life and have free time, and where it’s possible to own your own home.

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The report also found that of the people born in Canada, 87% believe in the Canadian Dream, while 91% of foreign immigrants to Canada believe that the Canadian Dream is a reality. Regardless of where someone is born, the survey found that 89% of Canadians desired to live the Canadian Dream and 77% believe that they will achieve that dream within their lifetime.

Fifty-eight percent of the participants believe that they are already living the dream life in Canada. Canadian Visa Experts is an immigration service that helps skilled workers find a new life and job in Canada.

Also, in this same poll, those born in Canada were asked what would inspire people to pursue immigrating to Canada, and 95% said that it’s because immigrants want a better life for their families. Eighty-two percent believe that it’s due to better economic opportunities.

Have you considered the Canadian Dream for you and your family? What would it be like to have a great job or start your own business in Canada? Would you like to be a homeowner in Canada, or are you searching for greater educational opportunities?

Perhaps you have always dreamed of living in a beautiful, peaceful country with lots of opportunities for immigrants such as yourself and your family. Is becoming a Canadian citizen or getting a Canadian passport one of your dreams?

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