Canadian Visa Expert: COVID-19

Immigrant Becomes Canadian Citizen After COVID-19 Delay

Originally from Scotland, Chris Kidd spent a decade at a job in Uganda but was drawn to Canada because of a girl he met while working there

 He met his future wife in East Africa, fell and broke his foot, contracted malaria, and went back to Scotland. As they begin talking about where to raise a family, the decision was made to move to Nova Scotia. He is happy in his new community, where everyone relies on each other. He has anxiously been waiting on receiving Canadian citizenship for seven years and couldn’t be more pleased it is happening.

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The COVID-19 pandemic put several gatherings on hold and Canada Day is looking quite different this year. For Kidd, it especially looks different. After a seven-year wait, he took the oath of citizenship in a virtual event while at his home in Ashdale, Nova Scotia. He said he is ready to take on the responsibility of being a Canadian citizen and being a part of a community, after seeing the lack of democracy and wars that dominated east and central Africa. Canada is a welcoming country and takes in newcomers as their own.

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