Find Out About Prince Edward Island!

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is truly one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. With only one large island and over 200 smaller islands, this paradise is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in southeastern Canada. The province is only a little over 5,500 square kilometers, and is one of the most spectacular places to live in Canada.

The population of the entire province was just over 140,000 in 2011. If you’re looking to immigrate, PEI should be on your list of “best possible places”!


Canadian Visa Expert has helped many foreign nationals get moved to Canada’s beautiful provinces, such as PEI. Those with a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa often want to move here, and they have good reasons. Here are some of the most important reasons why PEI is so attractive to Canadian immigrants:

  • PEI is covered with lovely lakes, rolling hills, immaculate golf courses, quaint little towns, breathtaking cliffs, picturesque lighthouses, and rolling green fields that end where the seacoast begins! Canadian Visa Expert can help you find your new home in this lovely Canadian province.
  • PEI has an extraordinarily high standard of living. Those who move there with their Canadian Permanent Resident Visa enjoy many of the rights of those with Canadian citizenship by living on an island that allows them to own their homes and live among neighbors who make above-average wages.
  • PEI may be lovely, but it’s small when compared to other territories and provinces in Canada. This is great because, with the small cities, citizens of PEI enjoy a relaxed environment. Charlottetown is the capital of the province and is the largest city of PEI, with a 2011 population of only 32,545 residents. If you’re looking for a quiet, peaceful place to live, let Canadian Visa Expert help you find your new home in PEI!
  • Finally, PEI has one of the healthiest economies in Canada. There is a diversity of interests including information technology, agriculture, fishing, tourism, renewable energy, bioscience, and a multi-million dollar aerospace industry.


As you can see, those who have received their Permanent Resident Visa to Canada often hurry to Prince Edward Island to live and work. There are amazing opportunities in this small, peaceful community. Contact Canadian Visa Expert today to see how you can get moved to Prince Edward Island!