Canada Celebrates its Diversity on Multicultural Day


Canada takes pride in its ethnically diverse scenery which makes up this nation. Instead of being a cultural melting pot, we encourage and celebrate the cultural mosaic. To demonstrate the commitment Canada has to multiculturalism, the government designated June 27 as Canadian Multiculturalism Day. According to Canada’s government, Multiculturalism Day is our opportunity to celebrate the diversity and commitment to democracy, equality, and mutual respect. The manager of the Sun Life Financial Markham Financial Centre, Ken Stollon, adds, “We are all enriched when we learn about the customs and traditions of different cultures.” He said it makes our appreciation deeper for others as individuals. If being a part of such a diverse culture sounds intriguing, contact Canadian Visa Expert for all your immigration questions. They will walk you through each step of the process.

Canada was the world’s first nation to take on an official policy of multiculturalism. Today, around 21 percent of the entire population of Canada is foreign-born. It is the most multicultural of any of the G-7 countries. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, said, “Our national fabric is vibrant and varied, woven together by many cultures and heritages, and underlined by a core value of respect.” It does not matter the country we were born in, our religion, what color our skin, or the languages we speak, we are all equal citizens of this great country he said. Canadian Visa Expert will assist you in your immigration journey. Contact them today to be a part of such a great country like Canada.

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