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British Columbia Forecast to Have One Million New Jobs

The British Columbia government is predicting over one million job openings in the next decade, with more than 60 percent of those replacing retirees. The other 30 or so percent of Canadian jobs will be created by the pandemic recovery and economic growth, according to the Jobs Ministry.

Close to 80 percent of the openings will require some level of post-secondary education. The minister of jobs, economic recovery, and innovation, Ravi Kahlon, said 75 percent of new Canadian job openings over the next ten years would require post-secondary education or specific skills training, showing where the economy is heading.

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The Canadian government is looking at fast-tracking skills recognition credentials for workers abroad and people who move from other provinces to fill job openings. People who are 29 years of age or younger coming into the workforce for the first time will make up the largest percentage of British Columbia’s new labor supply, with newcomers from abroad making up 34 percent of workers.

Health care, education, and the social assistance sectors are expected to be some of the largest employers in services, such as child protection, counseling, and community housing. Skilled trades like cooks, mechanics, construction workers, and hairstylists will also be in high demand.

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