Woman Discusses Journey from India to Become a Canadian

When Deepa Varghese first saw snow in Canada, it was the winter of 2011. Deepa remembers that she was traveling through Toronto with her family, and she asked her husband, Mathew, to stop the car so she could feel the snow.

actress-2595963_640In fact, that first winter in Canada was difficult because her family was not used to the low temperatures. Canadian Visa Expert offers support to foreign nationals who have a desire to move to Canada to find a new life.

Receiving Her Canadian Citizenship

Deepa and her husband, Mathew Kavunkal Easo, along with their two-year-old son, Eby, stuck it out in Canada, despite the difference in the climate.

Almost six years later, they are thankful that they didn’t give up. Both Deepa and Mathew recently became citizens of Canada at a ceremony in the National Arts Centre’s Azrieli Studio.

They, along with thirty-five other immigrants, exchanged their permanent resident cards for their Canadian passports and the right to vote. People from all over the world have found the immigration process easier when they used the services of Canadian Visa Expert.

It Was Worth the Difficult Times

After the 30+ immigrants recited their oath of citizenship for Canada, Deepa was called onstage to accept her Canadian citizenship, and she became very anxious. Her emotions surprised her, but she remembered that this had been on a long road, and it was only normal to feel some nervousness.

This was truly a dream come true, as Deepa explained about the ceremony, “We were planning on going to Ottawa anyway to celebrate the 150th,” she said, “but we’re super excited that the ceremony is going to be on that day.” Canadians recently celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday.

“There were times I wanted to go back,” admitted Deepa, “but Mathew loved it here so much and I wanted to be with him. And now, after six years, I love it, too. I thought, ‘I’ll spend the rest of my life here in Canada.’ And once I decided that, I had to be a citizen here.”

If you would like to find a new life in Canada as Deepa and Mathew have, contact Canadian Visa Expert to get started on your journey!