What Is Needed from You to Apply for a Canadian Visa?

Several things are needed from you to apply for a Canadian visa. First, you must have a genuine desire to immigrate to Canada. Second, you need to meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian immigration program. Third, you have to properly apply for immigration to Canada. With the guidance of the Canadian Visa Expert team, applying for a visa to Canada can be as simple as 1-2-3!

checklist-1583529_640The Canadian immigration procedure is a complex procedure that takes time and, therefore, you should possess a genuine desire to live in Canada.

It is important to know why you want to move to Canada, so that you will maintain the commitment necessary to continue the process and, hopefully, reach you goal.

Common motivations for immigration to Canada include a desire to obtain Canadian employment, enjoy a high standard of living, experience freedom, dwell in safety, have educational options, live in a beautiful country, and become a citizen of Canada.

Many Canadian Visa Expert clients have accomplished their goal(s) to live in Canada.

In addition to being motivated to move to Canada, you must also meet the eligibility requirements for a Canadian immigration program. Common criteria for being issued a visa to Canada include passing the character and health requirements.

Most Canadian immigration programs also require foreign nationals to possess a certain level of English or French language skills, to make it easier for them to live in Canada and find Canadian employment.

help-1276257_640There are several Canadian immigration programs for skilled foreign workers and also visa programs for those who have eligible family members who are citizens or permanent residents of Canada.

The Immigration Consultants who work with Canadian Visa Expert can evaluate your eligibility to apply for a visa to Canada.

Finally, you must correctly complete each step of the Canadian immigration procedure. This will usually require you to pass an English or French language evaluation test, medical exam and background check.

Many skilled foreign workers will need to obtain a favorable Education Credential Assessment (ECA). A valid passport is required to immigrate to Canada, plus forms and supporting documents must be properly submitted and certain fees paid.

Some programs allow foreign nationals to apply for a Canadian visa directly, while others require a preliminary step before an Invitation to Apply is issued. The Canadian Visa Expert team can explain exactly what is required for you to apply for immigration to Canada.