Ways to Gain Points for Express Entry to Canada

Immigrating to Canada is possible through various pathways, with three federal programs being the most prominent for attracting skilled workers annually.

One of these programs uses a points system, requiring a certain number of points for six selection factors. Another program requires certification or a valid job offer in a high-demand trade. All three programs require a minimum amount of skilled work experience in an eligible occupation, along with other criteria. In 2022, these programs admitted nearly 70,000 people through the online system known as Express Entry.

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People Used the Online System Known as Express Entry

To apply through one of these programs, candidates must create a profile in the Express Entry online system, which will be ranked based on a total score of 1,200 points. The score is determined by factors such as age, work experience, proficiency in English and French, and education level.

Regarding age, single applicants under 30 can earn up to 110 points, while married applicants can earn up to 100 points. Points gradually decrease starting at age 30, with the aim of attracting young talent. Two-thirds of recent immigrants are between 25 and 54 years old.

Language proficiency is essential. Applicants can earn up to 160 points for skills in English and French, with an additional 50 points for proficiency in French. Because small differences in language test scores can make a significant impact, many applicants retake these tests multiple times in order to achieve a higher score.

In education, a doctorate can grant up to 150 points, a master’s degree 135 points, and there are additional points if degrees are obtained in Canada. Additionally, up to 50 extra points can be earned for “skills transferability factors” which consider language proficiency, Canadian work experience, and education.

The Provincial Nominee Program is the pathway that grants the most points. If a province nominates an applicant, that person receives an additional 600 points, positioning them at the top of the Express Entry ranking system.

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