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Poll Finds Most Immigrants Welcomed in Canada

The most recent survey revealed that the vast majority of newcomers (82%) feel welcomed in Canada, and almost three-quarters (74%) believe they are well integrated into Canadian society. Sixty percent consider themselves Canadian and two-thirds of newcomers agree that they would make the journey again if they had to.

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It’s worth noting that both White immigrants and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) feel welcomed, with 86% and 82%, respectively, feeling this way.

The survey also revealed increased tensions between Canadians and recent immigrants regarding newcomers’ expectations and cultural assimilation once in Canada.

82% of newcomers feel Welcomed In Canada

While more than half of immigrants (52%) believe they should be encouraged to “maintain and promote their own cultural and religious identities,” that level of support drops by half (26%) when surveying the general population. Currently, more than half (55%) of Canadian citizens support a view of cultural assimilation, where newcomers should “embrace the values and traditions of the mainstream and leave behind elements of their cultural identity that may be incompatible.”

“It’s not that Canadians undervalue the diversity brought by immigrants; 76% recognize the significant contribution of immigration to Canada’s cultural diversity,” Khan stated to the Post. “The challenge is to find the balance between celebrating diversity and aligning with dominant Canadian values, a balance that we are still defining. It’s important to note that this doesn’t have to be a dichotomy, and perhaps, as we discover our changing demographics, there may be room for multiple value systems to coexist.”

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