Foreign Workers Wanted in Canadian Province of Manitoba

Twenty years ago, the province of Manitoba began the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. It was one of the first experiments to match immigrant workers with specific job openings. The fast-track option allows territories and provinces to nominate individuals who want to immigrate to Canada, are interested in settling in a specific location, and have the education, work experience, and skills to contribute to the economy. Each province or territory has a benchmark and programs targeted to particular groups including students, skilled workers, business people or semi-skilled workers. If you are interested in relocating for a job opportunity and a better life experience, contact Canadian Visa Expert for options available for immigration. They can answer all of your questions about the process.

One city that has benefited from the program is Morden. The population of the city has doubled in the past decade. The diversity is best seen at Deasil Custom Sewing, where employees are making items for a well-known clothing brand. Over 90 percent of the employees are immigrants who have come through the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.  Ron Funk, the owner of the company, said, “we don’t have any trouble finding work, we have trouble finding enough people.” He said the immigrants have helped them see the growth the company has experienced. Gurpreet Munday, a sewing machine operator, came to Morden two years ago with her husband and two children. They love the city and schools. She commented everyone dreams of coming to Canada, and they are experiencing the good fortune. You and your family can also experience the welcoming atmosphere of Canada.

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