Canadian Visa Expert - Cooking Is Passion

Cooking Is Passion for Immigrant Entrepreneur in Canada

Vanessa Simon, the sole proprietor of a thriving food business in Canada, explains how cooking is her passion. Canadian Visa Expert reported that the brand “Vanessa’s Cuisine” is both love and connection for the immigrant foodpreneur.

This immigrant entrepreneur works full-time as a nurse. At the same time, she cooks for festivals, catering, and pop-up events.

The business idea came from the positive feedback from clients she cooked for during these events. Many of these customers encouraged her to open a baking business.

Vanessa started Vanessa’s Cuisine, making use of the provision by Liftoff Waterloo Wellington. Canadian Visa Expert explains that Liftoff is a Black-led incubator and accelerator program. The program is to help Black early-stage and growth entrepreneurs thrive.

Vanessa’s Cuisine is the brain behind the Bake Mix, a unique and nicely packaged flour mix. The flour mix is used for making a bake, which is a popular pastry in Guyana.

Bakes are an integral part of the culinary culture of the Caribbean country. 

The Bake Mix from Vanessa’s startup food company is currently available for sale at OK’s Tropical Supermarket in Kitchener. Vanessa says in the near future, the product will be available in other supermarkets like Oma Fresh Foods.

The cultural diversity in the Waterloo region continues to grow. As a result, a variety of businesses are setting up shop in the region, says Canadian Visa Expert. 

Now, the region boasts of food businesses that sell Nigerian jollof rice, Salvadoran pupusas, Afghani bolani, etc.