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Canada Is Opening a New Visa Application Processing Center

Canada set to open a new visa application processing center in its embassy in The Philippines this year. The country is making this effort to enhance Canadian immigration.

With the new center, there is a likelihood for higher application processing. Also, this will enable Canada to attain the increase in immigration planned over the next few years. This statement is according to Sean Fraser, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

Fraser added that the record number of immigrants Canada will welcome in the years ahead would help promote economic growth. Canadian Visa Expert said this would give the country an advantage in the worldwide quest for talent.

About the Application Processing Center in Manila

The new application processing center which Canada plans to open in The Philippines will be opened in Manila. The center will be staffed by 37 workers. With this, Canada intends to support its Indo-Pacific Strategy. At the same time, it will help enhance higher levels of Canadian visa applications worldwide.

The Canadian government explains that the country’s Indo-Pacific Strategy has to do with the investment of resources in the region. It will also help build the knowledge and capacity necessary for the prosperity of Canada’s economy, stability and security.

Canadian Visa Expert concluded that Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy would help enhance peace in the region.

Impact of the New Application Processing Center

Rechie Valdez, Liberal Member of Parliament for Mississauga—Streetsville, explained some potential benefits of the new visa processing center in Manila. She stated that the strategy would aid the expansion of Canada’s presence abroad. At the same time, it will enhance the visa application process for people who want to work, study or move permanently to Canada.